Lakes in Vermont

Vermont is home to over 800 ponds and lakes. Two hundred eighty of them are more than 20 acres in size. Although most of the state's smaller lakes prohibit powered watercrafts, canoeing and kayaking are invariably allowed, as is fishing for one or more varieties of the area's numerous game fish.

Additionally, Vermont is the location of the sixth largest natural body of freshwater in the USA, Lake Champlain. Champlain, which comprises most of the western border that Vermont shares with New York, covers 445 square miles and has 212 miles of shoreline. Visitors will enjoy touring the lake's islands, which number over 80; visiting its lighthouses; and availing themselves of the amenities at nearby parks, such as Sand Bar State Park, which is located in the town of Milton, Vermont.

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Featured lakes in Vermont

Lake Carmi

Lake Carmi is the fourth largest natural lake within Vermont. This lake is located within the Lake Carmi State Park. There are 140 tent/trailer sites, 35 lean-to sites and 2 cabins in this park.

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake is located within the Emerald Lake State Park. This lake is restricted to non motorized watercraft. This lake is ideal for swimming and paddling. Fishing is also a popular activity at this lake. Yellow perch, small mouth bass, and northern pike are found in abundance at this lake.